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Teacher Mini-Grants are awarded in amounts ranging from $100 to $500. These grants are intended to assist teachers in the implementation of an idea that will directly benefit students. Applications are used to receive the necessary information to process and fund the grants. All proposals will be presented to a committee without information identifying either the teacher or the school. This is to ensure grading is done fairly and without bias.

Specific information is requested, including a description of the product or service you would like funded and the amount of money requested. We as teachers to consider all ancillary costs such as sales tax, delivery fees, and installation costs.
Once all requests are submitted they are reviewed and scored on a rubric comprised of the following criteria:

• The degree to which the project will benefit students
• The degree to which the project addresses a student or classroom need
• The committee’s overall impression of the project

Award winners are notified and invited to attend a Bonita Unified District Board of Education meeting where there are given their checks and recognized.

2022 Teacher Mini Grant Application