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LVSDEF Supports our Bonita USD Students and Teachers…Our focus is Student Wellness in the areas of Social and Emotional – Alta S.


The La Verne/San Dimas Educational Foundation has been an incredible help in actualizing our vision to prioritize and destigmatize mental health and wellness in the San Dimas High School community. Through collaborative discussions, financial assistance, and dedication to supporting various school events, the foundation brings compassion, humility, and a deep desire to continue building a strong, resilient, and healthy community. Their assistance in helping to develop a wellness center on our campus has had a profound impact on hundreds of students that have already come through its doors. We can’t express enough gratitude and appreciation for their commitment to wellness and continued efforts in supporting our school and the wider community – Kean F. – San Dimas High School Counselor


I am a board member of this charity organization. We continue to support the arts, classroom projects, and field trips for the students in the Bonita Unified School District. This year we’ve taken on the very important goal of supporting student wellness within the district. We love the support we receive from local businesses and families. Consider making a tax deductible donation to this worthy cause. – Sue J.

Recently, a group of Ramona Middle School students were asked what kind of physical improvements they would like to see on campus. The kids talked about the need for a space where they could deescalate or could go to read during the day. A space were they could be surrounded by nature. Maybe even a space where a class could come to work on a project. After considering all of their ideas, the idea for a Ramona Wellness Garden was born. The garden will have an open area for students to sit and garden boxes where students can grow plants. There will be a few trees and benches for a shaded sitting space. The area will also include a water feature that will add atmosphere to the campus. This spring, the LV/SD Education Foundation reached out asking how they can support our campus, especially in the area of student wellness – a focus of the Foundation. The garden project matched perfectly with the direction of the Foundation, and a partnership was born. Work is scheduled to begin on the garden in July with the hopes of having the garden ready for students in the Fall. As we have met with teachers, foundation members, and students, the project has grown. In the coming months, a butterfly garden will be added to campus as well as a compost area. These areas will be cared for by the science department staff and classes as well as by student clubs with interest in sustainability and nature. We are excited to see this project begin and look forward to a grand opening later this year.- James E. -Ramona Middle School

It was a privilege working with an organization committed to enhancing educational opportunities in our school district! – AIL Dimitrova Agency

The La Verne San Dimas Educational Foundation is not just another organization to sit around and talk about what needs to improved. LVSDEF is filled with so many people that get out there and make that change, always leaving it better than how they found it. – Anothony P.

Thank you so much for selecting me to receive funds to create and restore some outdoor learning spaces on the Allen Avenue kindergarten playground. It has been so exciting to see what the children are doing and the joy they have as they learn through play and exploration. I wrote the grant hoping to improve a couple learning areas and to create some new ones. Your generous gift has not only impacted this year’s kindergarten class, but it has also provided a moment of solace and healing for one student who is grieving the death of his father. I cannot thank you enough for helping me bring this space that brought so much joy for this little buddy of mine back to life at Allen Avenue. For several years, I have dreamed about what I could do to bring more nature to children as part of their kindergarten experience. Thank you for your gift that has made this spring a rich time of nature play and learning for Allen kindergarten students.
On a side note, the seniors of Bonita High School came to walk the halls of Allen Avenue last Thursday. Several of my former kindergarten students were in this group. One student lost her mom to cancer when she was a student at Allen Avenue. Several years ago, when the LVSD Educational Foundation learned about our Relay Recess Event to celebrate the money we raise for cancer research, they also learned about Allen students who have lost parents to cancer. They wanted to plant a tree in memory of those parents. On that morning, she learned about that tree and was touched that, not only had our school remembered her mom, but that your foundation had planted a tree in her memory. Thank you for that.
Cheryl D. -Allen Avenue Teacher